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How to Find Hoards With a Metal Detector - Hoards Found in Hampshire
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How to find hoards with a metal detector - How to Find Hoards - Introduction - Hampshire

Hoards Found in Hampshire

Hayling Island

The Hayling Island Hoard, Bronze Age Founders hoard


The Bentley Hoard, Bronze Age Founders hoard


The Beauworth Hoard, very large hoard of Norman silver coins, thought to be around 8,000 in total, found in 1833.


The Winchester hoard, hoard of Iron Age jewellery now housed at the British Museum


The Crondall Hoard, hoard of french silver coins and jewellery. Found in 1828.


The Silchester Hoard, roman rings and silver coins, found 1985-1988.


The Alton Hoard, 256 gold staters.


The Owslebury Hoard, five early roman silver coins.

Hoard Hunting County Guide

Below is a county by county guide to hoard finds. These lists should not be considered exhaustive and new material will be added as more information and sources become available. All of the locations listed should be considered private property until proven otherwise and the proper permissions obtained, preferably in writing, in advance of any visit. Some hoard sites are scheduled ancient monuments, be very sure that any location you wish to metal detect on is not a protected archaeological site.