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Searching for Pirate Treasure - Hidden Plunder
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Searching for Pirate Treasure - Hidden Plunder

Tales of great hoards of treasure hidden by Pirates are certainly persistent. Below are some of the more famous pirate treasure stories. The Cocos Island treasure has always held a great interest for us, now if only we could raise a few million dollars and go and search for it...

Hidden Pirate Treasures

Oak Island - The mysterious money pit, treasure hunting, metal detector Oak Island Treasure - The mysterious money pit, one of the longest running treasure hunts of all time. Does a fortune in gold lie at the bottom of the money pit? Proof that Shakespeares plays were written by someone else? Or maybe the money pit holds the treasure of the Knights Templar...
Cocos Island, home to pirate treasure? The Treasure of Cocos Island did mutineers hide the treasure of Lima on this tiny island in 1821? Was it really a notorious pirate haunt?
Kidd-Palmer Chart, treasure map, treasure hunting The Kidd-Palmer Charts did a retired lawyer discover the secret of Captain William Kidd?
Olivier Levasseur's pirate treasure code Olivier Levasseur - Pirate Treasure on Mah´┐Ż Island, Seychelles, did a French pirate conceal a vast treasure in the Seychelles? Are the coded parchments he left as a treasure map authentic?

Pirates & Privateers

  Captain William Kidd probably the world's best known pirate, documents found in the Public Records Office would later prove that he was no such thing. Did Captain Kidd hide a great treasure? Did he have a great treasure to hide?
  Edward 'Blackbeard' Teach one of the best known and most notorious pirates of all time.
  Sir Henry Morgan, a successful privateer who sacked Panama.

Other Famous Lost Treasures

  The Treasure of Loch Arkaig
The Gold and Treasure of Victorio Peak The Gold and Treasure of Victorio Peak

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