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Back Garden Gold Panning

You can pan for gold in the comfort of your own home or garden!


What is back garden gold panning?

It's exactly what it says on tin, panning for gold in your back garden. Using material ('pay dirt' or 'panning concentrates') obtained from someone dredging and prospecting at a gold rich location and a gold pan you can search for gold in the comfort of your own home or garden. All you need is a gold pan, pay dirt and a big bowl of water to wash your pay dirt in the gold pan, separating out the lighter material and hopefully leaving behind the heavier gold.

Why do it?

Well, some people do it for fun, some parents buy panning concentrates for their kids as an interesting and educational activity, but back garden gold panning is also the best way for anyone new to panning to learn a thing or two about the basics before going into the field and trying gold panning for real.

Where can I buy gold pans?

A lot of the larger metal detector dealers in the UK stock the the Garrett gold pans and gold panning kits which are excellent value for money (the kit in particular, as it includes a book, a suction bottle and several pans etc. and should be available for a little less than �30) most of the larger dealers also sell via mail order or on eBay and over the internet, so you can buy over the phone, or in some cases, via the net.

Garrett Gold Panning Kit

Above: A gold panning kit made by Garrett Metal Detectors.

Why buy gold panning concentrates?

Because you are pretty much guaranteed to find some gold in them, even though the amount is likely to be tiny. Before heading out into the field you need to be sure that you have developed a technique that works or you could be in for a very frustrating time. Many sellers of panning concentrates seed the bags of pay dirt with extra small amounts of gold, this makes the panning concentrates an even better training tool because they may add small flakes or nuggets as well as dust.

Where Can I buy Panning Concentrates?

eBay is a good source of panning concentrates, go to and search for 'gold panning concentrates' or 'gold panning dirt,' remember to search worldwide as most sellers of pay dirt are based in the US or Canada. Pay particular attention to postage and packing costs, getting the panning concentrates shipped to you can be an expensive business if you are buying large quantities!

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