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Links to UK Metal Detector Dealers

Below is a list of links to metal detector dealers in the UK.

A good metal detector dealer will be able to demonstrate the detectors he or she sells and provide you with tips and useful advice on getting the most out of your new metal detector. So if you are new to metal detecting, buying online might not be the best way to go.

In a show room you can look at a range of detectors, feel the weight of them and try them out, it is much harder to get a feel of what would be right for you over the internet, even though you may find a better deal online.

Metal detector manufacturers often have the manuals for their metal detectors available for free download on the websites, it is a very good idea to take a look at the manuals in advance of buying a new metal detector, it will give you a far better idea of what you are getting.

Links to UK Metal Detector Dealers and Metal Detecting Shops

Are you a metal detector dealer in the UK? Want your site listed here? email me!

Treasure Land Ltd online store selling a wide range of metal detectors and accessories.

Regton, wide range of hobby and Security Metal Detectors., the online superstore for Crawfords Metal Detectors, one of the largest independent metal detecting dealers in the UK and Europe.

Detecnicks Ltd, Metal Detecting Supplies, Treasure Hunting Equipment.

C.Scope, leading UK Based Manufacturer of metal detectors.

PENTECHNIC - The Metal Detector Repair and upgrade Specialists.

Metal detecting accessories

Black ADA Trowels, Diggers and Sand Scoops

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