Digging For Battlefield Relics - Danger!

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Danger! Danger! Danger!

Digging on World War 1 and 2 Battlefields is a very dangerous business.

Literally thousands of tons of unexploded ordinance lies undiscovered in the fields of France, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

Up to 30 people are killed every year by unexploded bombs and artillery shells in France alone.

Bombs, Artillery shells, Grenades and bullets are designed with a single purpose in mind - to kill. Leave them alone, should you come across any on your travels, get yourself as far away from them as possible and inform the Police- Don't become another victim of the Iron Harvest.

To see the kind of ordinance that is still being dug up visit De Diggers Battlefield Exploration's Photo Gallery, and bear in mind that these guys and gals really know what they are doing.

Many countries have made it illegal to dig for battlefield relics. Before digging anywhere check that it is legal to do so, make sure you have the permission of the land owner, preferably in writing and be very very careful.

Another Danger...

Two British Battlefield relic collectors were recently arrested after the Police raided their premises and found illegal material.

The two experienced diggers were unaware that the material the police seized required licensing that they didn't have, the two men are currently on bail awaiting trial. If convicted they face a minimum of five years imprisonment.

If two experienced Battlefield diggers can make mistakes you can too. Getting blown up is no joke, going to prison for years is no joke either, limit your searches and collecting to relics that don't have the potential to go bang.

It goes without saying that I will except no responsibility for the actions of anyone who goes digging for battlefield relics after reading this web site, nor will I except responsibility for the consequences of your battlefield digging expeditions. If you get maimed, blown up or arrested whilst digging, it is not my fault.

You use the information or advice found on this site entirely at your own risk  - and the risks involved in battlefield digging can be considerable.

Obey the law and correct safety procedures at all times.


Please read The Protection of Military Remains Act 1986 page.

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