The Lost Lemon Gold Mine, Alberta, Canada

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Metal Detecting Book Shop Home > Lost Gold & Silver Mines, Caves & Tunnels > The Lost Lemon Mine, Alberta, Canada

The Lost Lemon Gold Mine, Alberta, Canada

We haven't been able to track down a great deal of information on this story yet, but it certainly sounds intriguing.

Some time around 1870 American prospectors searching for gold in the Alberta Rockies are supposed to have discovered a rich vein somewhere near the town of Coleman in the Crowsnest Pass area.

The southern area of the province of Alberta is not thought to have naturally occurring gold in exploitable quantities, unlike British Columbia to the west, which makes this treasure tale even more interesting to us.

Check out the links below for further information, they are the best sources we have come across so far. The second link, a video clip from CBC Edmonton News is particularly interesting, but if you have more information about the Lost Lemon Mine please email me or visit the Lost Mines, Caves & Tunnels forum


I am trying to track down books, newspaper reports, magazine articles or any information about the Lost Lemon Mine, If you have any information please email me.

External Links

The Lost Lemon Mine - What I know About It by Daniel E. Riley, Alberta Folklore and Local History Collection

CBC Edmonton news report on the Lost Lemon Gold Mine broadcast February 11, 1989. (video 2 minutes 56 seconds)

The Mystery of the Lost Lemon Mine by Bruce Ricketts

The Legend of the Lost Lemon Mine by Ward Cameron. Skyline Magazine - Winter 1995

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