The Hoxne Treasure

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The Hoxne Hoard

Discovered by metal detectorist Eric Lawes in the village of Hoxne in Suffolk on 16 November 1992, the Hoxne Hoard was a cache of approximately 15,000 (exact figure varies depending on source) late 4th and early 5th century Roman gold and silver coins and around 200 items of silver tableware and jewellery believed to have been hidden during the political turmoil of the early 5th century AD.

It is the largest hoard of late 4th and early 5th century roman silver and gold ever discovered in the United Kingdom

The entire hoard was declared treasure trove and purchased by the British Museum, several items from the hoard, like the famous silver tigress, are on permanent display there.

Eric Lawes and the landowner received �1.75 million for the find, which they divided equally.

The hoard was number 3 in the list of British archaeological finds selected by experts at the British Museum for the 2003 BBC Television documentary Our Top Ten Treasures which included archive footage of Lawes.

Further Reading

The Late Roman Gold and Silver Coins from the Hoxne Treasure by Peter Guest. ISBN: 0714118109

The Hoxne Treasure: An Illustrated Handbook by Roger Bland and Catherine Johns. ISBN: 0714123013

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